Epson Workforce 610 and “Printer Error Has Occurred”

2013 April 26
by Colin

Had an Epson Workforce 610. Started getting error “A printer error has occurred. Turn power off and then on again. For details, see your documentation or” Decided to get a Brother 2270-DW (I’ve always wanted a duplex laser) but thought it might still be useful to use the scanner feature on the Workforce (especially since it was networked). If you are still getting error messages call tech support, for help.

Unfortunately, the above error locks you out of any of the all-in-one features, even ones that don’t involve the actual printer. However, this little trick appears to have given new life to the Workforce.

  1. Open printer such that the cartridge housing is accessible (flip the scanner housing up).
  2. Turn printer off.
  3. While printer is off, gently slide cartridge housing to the left about halfway.
  4. Turn printer on.
  5. After cartridge housing moves all the way to the right (which it will do on startup), gently push up and back on the housing and continue pressing/gently jiggling as the housing tries to free itself.
  6. Eventually, the housing will snap back to the left which will stop tripping the error message, and free you to use the scanner, copy, fax, etc.
  7. This may even allow you to keep using the actual printer, although I haven’t tested!

This took me a few tries, but eventually fiddling around with the cartridge housing while it was over on the right edge of the printer freed it enough for it to become “functional” again. No clue how long it will last, but prevents me from having a useless paperweight sitting on my home office shelf!
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  1. 2015 February 13

    i knew i was missing a corner of paper from the jam removal moving cartridge found it!!!

  2. 2015 February 24
    Kim permalink

    It worked! Took about 4 times and the last time I just simply turned it back on without moving it to the left and it moved itself to the left and then to the right and back again and all is well. Thanks so much!!! I have been without my printer for several weeks due to a move and just finally decided to plug it up again and search for a solution. Love the internet!

  3. 2015 February 26
    Dianna permalink

    You are a genius, omg, totally worked, I went to epson site and it said to clean my ink cartridge nossils and I did that with warm water and qtips and then tried gently rocking the ink casing like in your instructions above, and it finally worked, thank you so much for your shear genius….

  4. 2015 March 10
    Jacques permalink

    Thank you! It worked the first time… after wasting way too much time looking for a way to fix it using Epson’s website.

  5. 2015 March 21
    Dana permalink

    Thanks so much! It worked the first time! Saved me hundreds on a new printer!

  6. 2015 April 7
    greg permalink

    Thanks for the tip. Got my printer working in just a couple of trys!

  7. 2015 April 13
    bluesparklie permalink

    This worked! THANK you so much!

  8. 2015 April 19
    LisaK permalink

    Brilliant stuff – got our Epson Rx610 going after it had been sitting idle for 2 years. Thank you!!

  9. 2015 April 23

    thank you!!!! thank you !!! thank you……. :)

  10. 2015 April 24
    Donna permalink

    Totally works!! Printer had stopped working after our move. Took about four times to get it right. THANK YOU!!

  11. 2015 April 25

    It worked…. thanks a million!

  12. 2015 May 5
    Bill permalink

    Thanks it worked. The first time I tried it didn’t work when I moved the cartridge halfway left. Then as the cartridge was at the right position I pushed the cartridge further to the right, restarted and it worked!

  13. 2015 May 12
    Lisa permalink

    Thank you SO MUCH!! the small edge of paper that I was not able to remove when the paper jammed was under the cartridge. It took two times, but this totally worked!! :-)

  14. 2015 May 23
    Angela permalink

    Thank you!!!!! It worked, you really saved me!! :)

  15. 2015 May 24
    Janica permalink

    THANK YOU is right. I was totally freaking out here…desperately needed to print something.
    Last try of about five I did not move it to the left, but just turned it back on and it cleared.

  16. 2015 May 24
    Ron permalink

    It took 3 or 4 tries, but it worked for me too. On the last (successful) try I didn’t move the cartridge to the centre, I just powered the printer on as Kim did and it worked exactly as she indicated. Thanks for this fix.

  17. 2015 May 31

    i try and try again 100 time but error don’t removed plz give me any more suggestion

  18. 2015 June 17
    Jeff permalink

    i had error & tried & tried, no go.. then read in replies where one pushed cartridge to far right.. turned off & back on & Walaa… phew.. Thanks

  19. 2015 June 30

    Yet another totally delighted customer. THANK YOU!!

  20. 2015 July 6
    MRRATCHET permalink

    Yet another happy person according to your fix. Thank You for posting.

  21. 2015 July 14
    Madeline Lennon permalink

    Pushed it to the right, just like Jeff said, and it WORKS!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!

  22. 2015 August 2
    cubscott permalink

    It works! Awesome! Thanks!

  23. 2015 August 4
    Allison permalink

    after 3 days of trying different things, your solution worked, nice one and thank you!

  24. 2015 August 10
    hitendra permalink

    Wow…thank you so much for this post…it did work for my workforce printer…

  25. 2015 September 10
    munted permalink

    This also worked on my Epson Stylus Office TX610FW printer. I was getting a message saying “a printer error has occurred” each time I turned it on. I turned it off, pushed the cartridges to the right then turned the printer back on and jiggled the cartridges and after a few times it worked. Thanks very much.

  26. 2015 September 15
    Juan David permalink

    Mi hermano sos un genio te agradezco me sirvió muchisimo… Casi que no puedo luego de varios intentos fallidos muchisimos tuve que hacer pero por fin hasta que pude y al final me pidio resetear los cartuchos o sea el cambio de tinta ya que mi impresora es de recarga continua y LISTO¡¡¡¡ Genial mi amigo muchas gracias

  27. 2015 September 21

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  28. 2015 September 26
    Mark permalink

    Brilliant ! Jiggling didn’t work, but tried moving housing further to the right. Restarted and its now working ! Thankyou very much !!!

  29. 2015 October 7

    推广第一名 壕奖10088元!

  30. 2015 October 14

    Thank you so much for this awesome tip! It took only 2 tries and voila my printer works again. I went on as suggested in the message and hooked up with “Andy the expert” who had an answer for me but indicated it would cost me $23.00 if it worked successfully. What a rip-off. Thank you again. You restored my faith in the human race if only until the next rip-off artist comes along. Lol

  31. 2015 October 19
    Connie permalink

    It was so frustrating. But i figured somebody had been through it too. thanks for making the post. it took me about 6-7 tries and it finally worked after i pushed more than lightly to the right and it most have “clicked” with the machine as it is printing now. thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  32. 2015 October 24




  33. 2015 November 7
    Carlos permalink

    Not working for me, !@#^(&*)()&$^#%^(&

  34. 2015 November 7

    Worked great. Took about 4 tries but printer is working fine now.

    Thank You!

  35. 2015 November 26
    Christel permalink

    It worked! Thank you so much!

  36. 2015 November 30
    Vivuabe permalink

    Thanks a lot! It worked!

  37. 2016 January 30
    katherine permalink

    Thanks soooo much! Pushing it to the far right did the trick so thanks to those who posted comments!

  38. 2016 February 5
    nancy permalink

    It Worked!!!! Second time. thanks!!!!!!

  39. 2016 February 13
    Jeff Calhoun permalink

    Didn’t work the first 6 times I did a variant on the above. Of course, this happened right after I just bought 2 sets of inks (but not yet replaced them). I followed your advice on previous events (it does this about once a year) and that worked every time after 2 or 3 tries. This time, the head moves itself seemingly fine, but returns to error.

    I noticed on the comments that it appears that the head doesn’t quite move fully to the right. Pushing up and right on the carriage as instructed above did not help. So then I push really HARD up and right while it was moving there. Normally I wouldn’t do this, the head mechanism easily breaks on ink jets, but by now I had nothing to lose. It sounded like it stripped a gear, but it cleared the error. Next, it printed blank test pages, so I cleaned the jets and then did a test. Voila!

    My guess is that sometimes something can go out of sych. in the head mech. Evidently a design flaw in this particular model, as it seems that more recent, similar models don’t have the reputation of doing this. I really like this printer except for this reoccurring problem.

    Thanks to all for the help.

  40. 2016 March 22
    Rene Fresard permalink

    Wow I can not believe ” I” actually fixed the printer!! This really works, thank you!!!
    My son will so happy to wake up and print his report for school tomorrow.

  41. 2016 April 28
    Ter Bear permalink

    Worked for me on the second try!!! Thank you, everybody!

  42. 2016 May 1
    Pbyrum permalink

    Yep, it worked!! 4-5 tries but it finally reset itself….THANK YOU!!!

  43. 2016 May 11
    Carlos permalink

    ¡vaya ! eres un sensei… gracias

  44. 2016 June 7
    Jeff permalink

    Thank you…took a couple of tries but success!

  45. 2016 July 16
    comcredo permalink

    this worked .. repeat steps couple of times .. eventually this will work

  46. 2016 August 26
    Jenn permalink

    Thank You!!!!!!!! This worked. I just bought the printer from Craig’s List, brought it home and it did not work. I Googled the issue and your answer came up!

    Thank you so much!

  47. 2016 September 23
    GEORGE permalink

    wow – took a little fiddling but it worked. Thanks!

  48. 2016 November 26
    Andy permalink

    Thanks for sharing. My 8yr old machine is working like new again!

  49. 2017 February 3
    Tracey D Williams permalink

    It worked, thanks!

  50. 2017 March 30
    Kate permalink

    Ha!!! That worked!! Awesome! Thanks!!!

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