Paint equivalent for OS X

2011 June 3
by Colin

Now that I have essentially become a fully-converted Mac user, I’ve pretty much smoothed out all the “transitional” kinks going from Windows to OS X. This involved making sure my computer could do everything that I had asked of it before.

One thing that was a hinderance for the longest time was being unable to find a simple graphics editor to approximate Microsoft Paint (which ships with the OS). While OS X ships with basic utilities (e.g., TextEdit), it shocked me that there was this “hole” in the provided base apps. I need to emphasize, that I was not looking for a Photoshop equivalent, but merely needed something that would allow me to edit images quickly, typically before uploading them online.

Enter Paintbrush. Now I can quickly take a screenshot, use Paintbrush to circle/underline material for emphasis, resize, and save a file ready for rapid upload to my server. I can open, use, and be done with Paintbrush in the same time it takes Gimp or Photoshop to boot up.

For those that need quick edits for use in the fast-paced world of media like Twitter, you’re welcome. For future Colin who might have forgotten this software exists, shame on you.

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