How to disable Twitter e-mail alerts for replies, mentions, and RTs

2011 June 27
by Colin

Earlier this month my e-mail inbox became incredible crowded with messages from Twitter– every single reply, mention, favorite, retweet, etc. was causing Twitter to send me an individual message. Turns out Twitter added these notifications (which had previously been reserved for direct messages– DMs), but then opted all their users in by default (semi-obnoxious).

Luckily, they can be easily turned off by logging into Twitter, going to your Twitter profile page and clicking on the “profile edit” (your username with a picture) link (top right). On the dropdown, click settings, then click on the notifications tag, where you’ll be presented with the image below. Uncheck/check as you see fit. You can also just click here which will bring you to this page (will probably prompt for credentials) until Twitter changes their site structure.

Notifications pane

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