Sync any folder with Dropbox, now with Win/Mac GUIs!

2011 February 9
by Colin

One of my most visited posts is the discussion of using Dropbox to sync things across multiple computers and multiple platforms like Keepass. For some software, I also wrote that in many cases it is easier to create symbolic links to the original data structure rather than trying to convince the software to look in your Dropbox folder. Unfortunately, this requires a bit of terminal hacking, which, let’s be honest, some people just don’t want to mess with.

Never fear! Two pieces of software– MacDropAny for OS X and DropboxFolderSync for Windows– can link up any directory on your computer to your Dropbox account!

The dirty little secret is that both of these programs are just graphical interfaces which perform the command line hacks discussed previously. However, they can be a much-needed asset to the the not-terminally inclined or those prone to frequent, frequent typos.

Hattip, Lifehacker.

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