Danielle about to drop the bomb– on some fishes

2010 August 23

There is virtually no chance of this system coming within a couple hundred miles of any landmass outside of Bermuda, but Danielle is getting ready to go on a romp in the central Atlantic. Really has developed rapidly today, with [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dvorak_technique"]Dvorak[/url] estimates at 4.0 from the TAFB and 4.3 from CIMMS ADT (U of Wisconsin algorithm) as of late this afternoon.

Danielle vis satellite 2010-08-23

Danielle 85 GHz  2010-08-23

The former image is just the visible satellite from 1945Z, the later is a microwave pass at 85 GHz (1620Z) which shows that there is a nice eyewall developing under the CDO. Should pop out overnight tonight as it clears out the core, and, combined with decent SST’s and a (fairly) low shear environment, there’s a real chance this might be a major hurricane (115+ mph MSW) before tomorrow is done. SHIPS seems to agree with big percentages for RI (54% for 25 kt, 34% for 40 kt).

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