Yet another geography lesson for Fox News

2010 June 25

Apparently Fox news thinks there are not one but TWO systems in the Gulf of Mexico.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) warned Friday morning of not one but two weather formations in the Gulf of Mexico, both with the potential to swell into more serious weather systems. Responders in the Gulf of Mexico are eyeing the storm system closely, to see whether it turns towards the Gulf and interferes with ability to mop up spilled oil and cap the leaking well.

There is a 70 percent chance that the low-pressure area centered off the coast of Honduras could become a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours, warned the NHC, indicating winds as fast as 73 mph. Any faster and the storm could officially become the first Gulf hurricane of the season — and will be named Alex.

Meanwhile, a smaller weather formation just East of the Northern Leeward Islands is also being eyed. NHC describes it as “a large but disorganized area of cloudiness and showers … associated with a tropical wave interacting with an upper level trough.”

Apparently Honduras and the Leeward Islands are now part of the Gulf of Mexico coastline. Good to know. And either Joe Bastardi is even more of a hype-machine than even his biggest detractors thought, or people at Fox have confused the hurricanes with tropical cyclones or the Gulf of Mexico with– you know– the entire Atlantic Basin.

Bastardi believes we’ll see as many as 21 hurricanes in the Gulf area, which means “you may see a naming orgy this season,” he predicted. Hurricane season for the western Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico begins June 1 and lasts through Nov. 30. That’s when about 90 percent of the storms make themselves present.

FTR, 21 hurricanes would absolutely shatter the Atlantic record of 15 set in 2005. They (he?) meant named systems.

Screenshot (with annotations!) saved below for posterity. Click for full size.

Fox News doesn't know where the Gulf of Mexico is

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