Excel 2007 chart hatching?

2010 February 1
by Colin

For some reason, Microsoft stripped hatching support from Excel 2007 (and Mac’s Excel 2008). You can no longer use “pattern fill” but only “picture fill.”

There are a solutions regarding using the object model floating around the web, but one easy way I figured was to actually draw a vertically-hatched pattern in a painting program and then use IT as the “picture fill.”


1.) Save the four (they are four separate) pictures below (or, more easily, the zip file) to your hard drive. Unzip/save somewhere you’ll remember.
2.) In Excel, create your chart; then right click on the bar/area you want filled with the hatching and click “format data point.”
3.) Click on “Fill,” then “Picture or texture fill,” then “Insert from… File.” Navigate to your file. Click on it.
4.) Voila, simple, easy, hatching.

Purple HatchGreen HatchBlue HatchRed Hatch

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  1. 2010 March 6
    Dr Stephen Bailey permalink

    Which idiot or group of idiots at Excel are responsible for removing the hatch option. Hatching is an essential representation of graphics used in academic papers and other media that reproduces non-coloured graphics!


  2. 2010 September 10
    Alex permalink

    They have lost their mind, this is crazy, I can’t belive a newer version does less then the previous one.
    Thanks for the trick anyways.

  3. 2011 April 30

    very very strangers. what is the technical goal for removing pattern

  4. 2011 July 5

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  5. 2011 November 21

    Thanks so much for your help! This was really useful! :)

  6. 2011 December 10
    RStelzer permalink

    Just so you guys know, hatching still exists in Excel 2007. Simply click right click on a cell, select “Format Cells” from the menu that appears, then choose the “Fill” tab. The fills available include vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines as well as dots.

  7. 2013 January 14
    S Herron-Thompson permalink

    Thank you for this tip and may I thank MS for this help full removal I can now print my left cross hatch in blue and the right in pink, they show up so well on on my black and white laser printer, or perhaps I should revert to 2003?

  8. 2017 November 8

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