The dreaded “Gmail logout loop” and a painless workaround

2009 December 24
by Colin

I have a couple Gmail accounts; one is essentially my go-to e-mail for both business and personal correspondence while the other is used for any purchases, newsletters or “you need to create an account before you read this!” As such I am constantly logging in and out of both accounts to switch into one or the other. Lately, I’ve been running into what people call the “Gmail logout loop.” Some people claim they have also seen this on log-in, but thankfully I haven’t run into both problems (… yet). You’ll see an endless string of “waiting for,” “connecting to,” “transferring data from” ad nauseum.

Simply closing the browser doesn’t work. In some cases deleting cookies doesn’t work. Whatever the problem ACUALLY is, but browser illiterate self found a simple, painless workaround until Gmail figures out what the problem is.

1.) Navigate to
2.) Move cursor to top of page (this should cause the on-site toolbar to appear.
3.) Click “log out”
4.) Click “log in.” Enter login info.
5.) Click Gmail.

Voila. So far the pesky loop only happens with the connection, not Feel free to enlighten me as to why that is. Seriously.

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  1. 2013 February 15
    Peter permalink

    For those of you having this problem using clearwire’s entry into gmail go to and you should see your email address in the upper right corner of the page. Click it and the drop down menu will give you a sign out that works.

  2. 2018 July 21

    En Espana todavia se puede. AYUDA PORFAVOR ! Siin papeleos.

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